Curso Arabescos y líneas finas en las uñas

Difficoltà ⭐️ | Durata: 240 min | Lingua ITA 🇮🇹 | Sub ITA 🇮🇹 ESP 🇪🇸

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One of the biggest trends in nail art are arabesques. They are very requested because there is a large variety of them: they are elegant, perfect for every occasion and outfit. Also they are very easy and quick to produce once you learn the basic techniques behind them.
This is a 1 star course which means that it’s suitable for beginners who never took a nail art course and want to start learning something new or for technicians that want to improve their skills on thin lines and arabesques.
The material used for drawing is gel color without sticky layer.

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Curso Includes

  • 7 Lecciones