Nail Extensions and Nail Art Academy

Looking for extreme quality nail training?

I am sure you will find it here!

Both in content and in form.

Not tutorials, but real complete courses of several hours, which leave nothing undone.

I will take you by hand and help you finally reach your professional goals!

Michela parascandolo
Michela Parascandolo
International Master Trainer

Discover Nail Artist Academy, my nail and nail art school, the first online school in Italy in this field.

It is suitable for everyone!

You can choose between basic and very advanced courses, depending on your skill level.

You will find courses in both structure and nail art.

Here's what you'll find inside the academy

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Let me explain how the academy works

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Here are some pictures taken directly from the classes

Let me introduce myself

Michela Parascandolo

Michela Parascandolo
International Master Trainer

I have been working in nail design and nail art for 10 years and teaching live and online in Italy and abroad.

In 2020 I launched the Nail Artist Academy, the industry’s first online course academy that has more than 3.000 students to date.

If you want to see some of my work you can take a tour on my social channels.

+3.200 girls have already studied with me

Natalia Ellero
Natalia Ellero
Read More
I started the gel basics plus course , starting from scratch , what can I say Michela is fantastic she makes you passionate and love every one of her lessons. Besides being an honest and very well prepared professional she is super helpful , you really feel supported.... It is a beautiful tough course , but that gives immense satisfaction , surely it will be the first of a long series. Thanks to you Michela for your humanity which is not taken for granted and for every advice given ❤️
Melissa de Marco
Melissa de Marco
Read More
I am taking the basic gel plus course, I started from 0,and what can I say Michela in her lessons explains everything perfectly, and when she makes corrections she makes you understand quite well when you are wrong and it is right so and gives you a lot of advice. when I said I wanted to do the online course they answered me. no no do it in presence you don't learn anything in online courses.. instead I can say that I did well to listen to myself and be part of Michela's Academy, because she exceptional. I recommend it...
Francesca Rossi
Francesca Rossi
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I just finished my gel basics plus course with Michela and I can say that in addition to being a wonderful experience, I found someone who is knowledgeable, prepared, professional and very good at explaining. There are still transparent people who love their work and know how to convey it. I super recommend her courses, you will really enjoy them and come out satisfied.
Alice Alvisi
Alice Alvisi
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I attended a gel basics plus course with Michela. I had done two before but had not been satisfied at all. Full of uncertainty and disappointment I was afraid to get back into the game because I thought that I was the problem and that I would never be able to pull it off. Michela in these days taught me so many facets of the nail world that I had never seen before! And I realized how important it is to rely on a professional and honest person!!! But not only that...Michela is an extremely sweet and helpful person!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!!! Remained satisfied in fact I have already booked the next course😊
Nicole Negri
Nicole Negri
Read More
I took the " gel basics plus" course and I highly recommend it, especially for people like me who started from scratch. Michela manages to get you hooked on this world by giving you the right foundation from which to start
Corine Roux
Corine Roux
Read More
Today I got my certificate from the gel basics plus course. I am very happy because it is a great achievement for me, Michela followed me step by step with great professionalism, I know there is still a long way to go because a lot of experience is needed but the first big step has been taken. Thank you very much ❤️😘
Sophie Luciani
Sophie Luciani
Read More
I have done two basic gel courses in the past...To keep myself up to date and to improve the technique I wanted to do another basic gel course but this time online..well,what can I say perfect course to have 360° the real idea of basic gel course ...I recommend it to all , despite being online the course I found it really exhaustive and explanatory throughout!!! Michela is besides being a true professional she is also very helpful about everything....deserves the best ❤️ I will definitely do other courses with her academy
Erika Cappellari
Erika Cappellari
Read More
I am taking the gel basics plus online course 😍 well what can I say super recommended.... It gives you very complete information about the work of a nail technician and Michela is super helpful in correcting the work and giving us suggestions 😍 I want to take more courses with her soon ❤️
Emy Happyness Light
Emy Happyness Light
Read More
I am halfway through the basic plus course what can I say..... a world has opened up for me. Michela explains everything in great detail very naturally it is impossible not to notice how competent she is. Even from a distance and through a video Michela conveys passion in what she teaches.I am very satisfied with the basic plus course and as soon as I finish it I will move on to the dry manicure & gel polish course.🤩🤩🤩
MariaNatascia de Cosimo
MariaNatascia de Cosimo
Read More
What do I recommend? Everything! I have done basic courses previously in presence,at a significantly higher cost, but I never learned what I am learning now, partly because not much was explained to me! Michela's passion, precision but above all the meticulous but also simple affordable way of explaining the topics to you, do not make you miss a classroom. Shall we then talk about the possibility of seeing and rewatching the course as many times as you want? Priceless!I am taking 3 courses and will soon take another one. Thank you Michela for this great opportunity you have given us with this great Academy!!! I hug you affectionately 😉
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I love her nail art, I find that she is versatile and can accomplish everything in an exemplary way. I love her way of explaining, of making even complicated nail art easy for you.

I will follow you step by step

During the course I will often ask you to send me your work so that I can follow up, help and correct where necessary.

I make corrections directly on your images, as you can see in these pictures, the feeling will be that of having me by your side.

And this is the achievement of my students

Below you can see some pictures submitted by my students who have taken my classes.

You'll have a dedicated personal area!

Learn, interact, and earn bonuses!

Collect Diamonds and get discounts on courses


Diploma wet on wet Nail Artist Academy
Example of a certificate given for a course

At the end of the course you will have the option to:

  • take a multiple-choice quiz, but don’t worry, you can do it again as many times as you like if you fail.
  • send photos of your work to observe, correct it (if needed) and help you achieve a sufficient result.

At that point you will receive the certificate.

One can safely look at the course without having to try to get the certificate.

We believe this process gives more value to the certificate itself, making it more valuable in the job market.

By now it is well known that those who have my certificate are really competent, it is not an attendance certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, take a look at the free course

You can pay by PayPal, PostePay, credit card or bank transfer.
In the case of transfer you will have to wait until we receive payment for course activation.
By credit card (including prepaid) you can also pay in installments.

No, courses don’t expire. Once purchased you can watch and rewatch the course whenever you want.

First watch all the lectures and complete the final test.
You must answer 80% of the questions correctly.
Next, make the work seen in the course and upload it to a photo album in your profile.
Write using chat to the teacher to request an evaluation of the work.
If the practice is also found to be suitable you will be sent the certificate via email.
Otherwise you will have a chance to review the work with the teacher and try again.

You can take the test as many times as you want.

Performing actions on the site such as completing lectures, courses and quizzes.

Sure. In your profile, in the Photos section you can upload your work and also create albums. You can contact the teacher via Facebook Messenger using the icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can use the chat on the platform or write to her at

There is no specific brand; the teacher uses different brands.

I hope to have you among my students soon and to embark on this path together.

If you need more information, please contact me on WhatsApp or Messenger.

Michela parascandolo