Dry Manicure and Easy Off Course




This course is a 3-in-1: it is aimed at those who are taking their first steps in the world of nail art and want to start by discovering the world of semi-permanent nail polishes or have already gone through the GEL BASICS PLUS course and want to advance technically by learning how to do a thorough manicure for optimal product hold and a flawless aesthetic result.

The course is also suitable for all those people who want to learn how to use the cutter for manicure, product removal and nail preparation.


  • professional cutter with F/R rotation
  • diamond tips : needle, flame, ball – file and buffer
  • cuticle pusher or orange stick
  • professional cuticle scissors
  • stiff brush
  • disposable hemostatic matches
  • hand sanitizer
  • cleanser and pads
  • nail prep
  • non-acid primer
  • base for semipermanent
  • base soak off
  • semipermanent color
  • semipermanent polish
  • cuticle oil